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Obtain a Deep of Song

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In this post, I will talk over about one of my favorite song, so lets check it out!

"One Last Time"

I was a liar
I gave in to the fire
I know I should've fought it
At least I'm being honest
Feel like a failure
'Cause I know that I failed you
I should've done you better
'Cause you don't want a liar

And I know, and I know, and I know
She gives you everything,
But, boy, I couldn't give it to you
And I know, and I know, and I know
That you got everything,
But I got nothing here without you

So one last time
I need to be the one who takes you home
One more time
I promise, after that, I'll let you go
Baby, I don't care if you got her in your heart
All I really care is you wake up in my arms
One last time
I need to be the one who takes you home

I don't deserve it
I know I don't deserve it,
But stay with me a minute
I swear I'll make it worth it
Can't you forgive me?
At least just temporarily
I know that this is my fault
I should've been more careful

And I know, and I know, and I know
She gives you everything,
But, boy, I couldn't give it to you
And I know, and I know, and I know
That you got everything,
But I got nothing here without you, baby

So one last time
I need to be the one who takes you home
One more time
I promise, after that I'll let you go
Baby, I don't care if you got her in your heart
All I really care is you wake up in my arms
One last time
I need to be the one who takes you home (la li he)

I know I should've fought it
At least I'm being honest (yeah)
But stay with me a minute
I swear I'll make it worth it, babe
'Cause I don't wanna be without you

So one last time
I need to be the one who takes you home (who takes you home, babe)
One more time
I promise, after that I'll let you go
Baby, I don't care if you got her in your heart
All I really care is you wake up in my arms (wake up in my arms)
One last time
I need to be the one who takes you home (yeah)

One last time
I need to be the one who takes you home

Ok, now I will talk about the meaning of the song by a writer or a singer point of view.  The overall theme of this song would be "You don't miss someone till they move on without you". She messed up a relationship she wished she hadn't. She cheated on him and then says she doesn't deserve it. She knows the relationship is over and he has moved on. But on the other end she hasn't and she just wants him for a little more so she can show him how she has changed and that she won't do it again. She may even be a little jealous of the new girl that has him now because she gets to hold him and she gives him all her love. Lyrically, the song is about asking a former lover to spend one last time with you, although he has already moved on and is with someone new.

This is a short information about the song:

"One Last Time" is a song by American singer Ariana Grande from her second studio album My Everything(2014). It was written by David Guetta, Savan Kotecha, Giorgio Tuinfort, Rami Yacoub, and Carl Falk. The song was produced by Falk, Yacoub, Ilya, Tuinfort, and Kotecha. "One Last Time" was first released on the iTunes Store on August 22, 2014 as the second promotional single from the album.

I think this song tell us that there is an ex-couple which certainly has been broke a part. I see this is the girl fault. But accidentally, the man have a new girlfriend when the girl still lonely and cannot move on. This girl know if the boy’s new girlfriend better then her and she not the best girl to become his girlfriend. The girl still hoping on the man will come back, although her illusion cannot be achieved because she had been hurting him. This girl said that she want have a time together with her ex-boyfriend, don’t care athough he has a new girlfriend. At the point, This song finds Ariana racked with guilt as she admits to her ex-boyfriend that she's been unfaithful. She requests "one last time" with him as a final goodbye.

After we know about this song meanings, we can conclude that the moral value of this song is don’t repent our life that happened yesterday. Lets moving on. Cause everything that we repenting yesterday will not make the situation changed. Repair your mistake, and get a better future.


You can see this movie video on:

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Sport Day, Dewa Athena VIII


This is so far from my last post. So now, I will give you some information about sport day in my school. Please enjoy your read!xx

Sport day in my school called as Dewa Athena. This is an annual event as a program from OSIS. In this year, dewa athena held in 10th-12th March. Every class should join it because there will be a punishment to every class which doesn’t send any delegation in every competition. In this case, the class should pay 100.000 to the committee. So, although that day we had holiday,  Lapangan Bali (where is Dewa Athena held) still crowded yet. The participant are all of 3’2017 and 3’2018 students. They bring their spirit for each class.

These are the competition that every class should join:
1.      Volley
Participant: 1 team every class; 3 boys and 3 girls
2.      Soccer (Man)
Participant: 1 team every class; 5 boys
3.      Soccer (Woman)
Participant: 1 team every class; 5 girls
4.      Basketball
Participant: 1 team every class; 3 boys and 2 girls
5.      Dodgeball (Man)
Participant: 1 team every class; 6 boys
6.      Dodgeball (Woman)
Participant: 1 team every class; 6 girls
7.      Badminton (Double Man)
Participant: 1 team every class; 2 boys
8.      Badminton (Double Woman)
Participant: 1 team every class; 2 girls
9.      Tug of war (tariktambang)
Participant: 1 team every class; 5 boys and 5 girls
10.  Gobaksodor
Participant: 1 team every class; 5 boys and 5 girls
11.  Relay race (estafet)
Participant: 1 team every class; 1 boys and 1 girls
12.  Chess
Participant: 1 people every class

So, lets check me and my class(X IPA 8) activity during the events!

-Thursday, 10 March 2016
This is the first day. We gathered in Lapang Bali at 06.30 o’clock and as usual, the first thing we did is opening. We listened to every speech given by Headmaster and the chairman. After that, we should doing marathon. Marathon start in Lapang Bali to jl. Belitung, jl. Sumatra, jl. Jawa, and finish in Lapang Bali again. Yeah we were tired earlier.
After that, each competition were start. In this day, my class follow all the games except volley, basketball, chess, and dodgeball man. We gave our big support to every classmates whose be a delegation for the match. So the result we just lost in estafet and soccer(man). In estafet competition, one of our team was slipped so the rival can precaded us. And in soccer match, I think we should increase our compactness so we can be a winner in the other competition. But, we all very gratefull and happy because there’re still many games that we can go forward for the next match. Oh, I forgot. In the free times, we took a photos together with a polaroid camera. This was the first times, we did a group photos! I love it xx

-Friday, 11 March 2016
Okay, the second day. This day is the times for playing a games that yesterday we haven’t did. And a few games that we won yesterday was played again this day. To make us more enthusiasm, we made a jargon. Before the games played, we gathered and put our hand in the centre, after that one of us shouted “AKSEL8?” And all of us replied “BANTAI DENGAN SANTAI!”. Yeah, for your information, our class name is Aksel8. This is the abbreviation from “AnakKelasSEpuLuh 8”. Hehehe, little bit strage but its okay. After that the games was started. OH YES, the most interesting and sensational match is Volley! Guess what? Our rival is XI IPA 8. In the first round, we won. But, started in round 2, they made an opposition so we were lost in this round. The situation was hot. Each team supporter already had a heartattack. Until in round 3, we had a deuce for many times until my class won the match! Alhamdulillah. All of us were happy because all of our effort not useless plus at the moment, rain came down. And guess what? We won all the match that we played in this day. HOORAY!

-Saturday, 12 March
This is the last day, but not the last time we were being together. This day not as usual as before because lapang bali wasn’t as crowd as yesterday. The class which failed to go to the next match didn’t attend this event today. So, the euphoria of the competition not lively as before. But, that’s fine. My class still should have a spirit for the next match. Yeah, start from now, all of the match enter the Semifinal. So? We should gave our class our best and we should have a look to another class that Aksel8 can do it! Game by game we played. Because this time called as semifinal, absolutely the rival not as easy as before nah?Tarik tambang games just in the third place, because almost every people in out team got defective. So we don’t have any energy to resist the rival. But the 3rd place still make me proud, absolutely. After that, chess games lost. And badminton(man) have the same result too with chess. Badminton(man) still should do one match again to make sure in what rank we stood. But don’t worry, badminton(woman) can move to final! Yeay! Oh yes, soccer(woman) was won after we had a penalty in the end of game, but sadly, dodgeball(woman) was lost because we had a quarrel times with soccer so, many player couldn’t join it. And the last, gobaksodor was in final too!

So, after these 3 days, The committee says there will be a next match in 31st March-2nd April.

In 31st March, we did dodgeball(man) match. In this match, we had a conflict with the rival because each team getting hotter and stronger  so they played with the emotional feel. A lot of my friends pained and got an anger so we decided to yield in this match and surely, we lost the games.

In 2nd April, we did a volleyball match. But, I don’t know how it works because I don’t attend this match. My friends told me that after we did 3 rounds, we could be a candidate in final games later.

The other outdoor competition were delay. Because nowadays is a rain season, the field always wet so we can’t continued our match. Hopefully the match could finished soon and my class can being a winner and being the best supporter!Aamiin.

And this is my story about my school annual sport days. I will post a new story later with the different topic.. Hope you like it and See yaa

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An Ideal Education and Learning For Students Nowadays

In era which are very progressive and completely sophisticated like now, many people all around the world especially student in Indonesia get depressed. In this case, we can see in many place people are release themselves stress to the other people that is innocent. Like they are doing a murder, suicide, abusing, using drugs, and many more. How pity!

People who have a normal brain absolutely will ask this question “why do they doing it?” “are they do not have any feeling to other?”. To answer that question, I have some thought base on the reality nowadays. First, because the most adolescent (middle age) are often doing this action, we can conclude there are any relatives with the study.

Study is the process of change that happen in every person as the result of experience or result of experience with the environment. And learning is an interaction process with educator and learn source in learning environment. Learning is an assist from educator so that we can get a knowledge, have a skill, create an attitude and self confidence to student.

But, behind all of this statement, Indonesia have a very difficult curriculum or education system. Moreover after curriculum 2013 applied. We study almost a day, and after go home we still get a homework or assignment that aren’t one or two. But, every subject we study that day most given us task. Not yet, review, try out and many more that make us can’t stand about it. This is the reason that make student nowadays easy to give up and decided to finish school before due. Even until they do a criminal action for reject a curriculum in Indonesia.

We want a better life. Study is not about make us depressed, but study is to make passion in ourself so that we can make a change for a better world.

What should we do for make a better life and go to the better world?

YES! The answer is we should make an ideal education and learning. Ideal is corresponding with our dream, suitable with everything we want. An ideal education if the teacher know students ability, motivation, academic background, economic background, etc. Teacher readiness to know students characteristic in learning is a foundation to deliver learn material and be an indicator learning success.

An ideal learning, mark by its character which emphasize to student empowerment in active. From definition study and ideal learning, then ideal learning nature is teach and study process which is not focus by student result, but how is the ideal learning process can give good comprehension, smart, diligent, chance and quality, with an attitude change and apply to student daily life.

An ideal learning can practice and put democratic attitude for student and can create a happy learn atmosphere so that student have an imagination and creativity to capable study with them potential. We can use a method that give a freedom to learn with they own way study.

If we can request to education minister, I want to ask for subject reduction. We just study a lesson that we like. So, the result will be better and Indonesia have an expert in each sector. Indonesia will be a developed countries, if the student happy with they own life especially they own study. The student can develop they own skill from beginning, so when they have to work, they will invest a new and useful thing for the future.

So that we can conclude that learning is a conscious effort from teacher to make student study, that is occur an attitude change from student-self who is study, where the change give us a new skill which valid for the long times because there is an effort.

This is the little way to make a better life and go to better world. With the explanation above, depressed student until naughty people can be detracted or maybe vanish in the future. So the world will be secure, comfort, and peace with an ideal education and learning from now. One action now take an effect for tomorrow.

Rabu, 20 Januari 2016

School and New Year Holiday

Hi, everyone. I want to tell you about my last holiday. My holiday was around 3 weeks. Along holiday time, I almost spend it in my house. But, sometimes I go to the public place like Ciwidey and Lembang.

                In, 27th of December 2015, I went to Bogor to attended Iqbaal’s birthday party. Yes, he is my favorite artist and musician. He hold an annual solo concert(because he usually have a concert with his boyband, CJR) and also celebrate his birthday and his fan anniversary. Its located in GOR Padjajaran Bogor. Every year, the location is different, so that all of his fans can feel the different euphoria too for the concert. I went there by bus with the SoniQ(the name of his fanbase) Family from Bandung. In the morning, we gathered in Balaikota, and started our trip at 7 o’clock. We arrived there around 10 o’clock and WOW! the concert place was very crowded because SoniQ from Indonesia until SoniQ from another country like Singapore and Malaysia was joined the concert too. Amazing. The gate was opened at 12 o’clock and the weather is very hot so we all felt tired. BUT……. When the concert start, the tiredness was gone. Iqbaal performance made an audience fresh again, especially our eyes hehehe. Iqbaal is very handsome as always. And his voice is very calm. His voice made all of us miss him everyday. The concert hold in 3 hours. After that, we can bought all about Iqbaal merchandise like his album, dvd-collection, and many more in the special booth in front of the GOR. In the evening, we went back to Bandung. It was my best day in 2015 because I could met him again after along time we didn’t see.
                In the new year night, me and my family was doing a barbeque party. We hold this party at my backyard. Before that, me and my mother just bought the ingredients in one of the modern market. We also bought the barbeque pan in there too. Because we never had a barbeque party before, this is our first time. After had an isya prayers, the party was begun. To be honest, it was too early. But, because of my mother couldn’t sleep at midnight, we did it earlier. We grilled chicken meat, cow meat, chicken and cow sausage, shrimp satay, chicken and cow satay, and corn. And didn’t forget about the drink, hm, xxx. After all of the ingredient had been grilled, we sat at carpet in the backyard too and ate all the food until no limit yet. It was a great family gathering I ever had. At the moment, rain came down. Because that, I felt our kinship. I loved this situation. And also in my front-side house, was very noisy because of the sound of firework. In 11.59pm we counting down together. Just like this-> 3..2..1 until THE NEW YEAR CAME, yeaaayyy WELCOME TWO THOUSAND AND SIXTEEN!

                At the another day, I and my family went to Kawah Putih in Ciwidey. The trip was very tiring, because the location was far from our house, the weather is hot and we got a traffic jam in Kopo. Oh, how terrible! When we arrived there, it was rainy. So we all should wore a jacket. Luckily, the place was not crowded as usual because we went there in the weekday. The hot weather changed to a very cold weather. But, it wasn’t obstruct us to took many photos. We took a picture with a crater background. The crater was very beautiful. Oh, how great Allah’s creature. We enjoyed the days. We didn’t go anywhere again in Ciwidey because the evening came. All of the public place was closed so we decided to went back to Bandung. My father promised will took me back to Ciwidey again somedays.

                And, my last trip was to  Floating Market Lembang. It was on Sunday and accidently, it was the last day for holiday. So, we got a traffic jam, because many people, mostly tourist visited the new popular-place in lembang, Farmhouse. So, my father got stressed. He never want to go to lembang again later, he said. In the floating market, I went to the train miniature because my little brother very love train. His face was very happy I saw. He ran and ran everywhere tried to reaching the train. After that, I, my two brothers, and my father ride a boat for 30 minutes. My mother just took us a picture because the boat it just for 4 people. It made my body sweat came down from all of the part of body because we should row it ourself. But, all of our activities should be enjoyed nah? So, we went back and prepared for tomorrow school after that.

                So, this is my last holiday story. Thanks for reading. See you lateeeeer  

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Plays Script


The Characters:
Farhan Fauzan as the poor kid (Main Character)
Felita Almira as Narator(Middle)
Adisya Salsabila as Concelling Teacher
Daffa Atalla as Narator(Opening&Closing)
M. Ardian as The math teacher
Hanni Masnauli as Atalla, Farhan’s Friend
Salsabila Shofa as Adisya, Farhan’s Friend
Alif Miftah as Farhan’s father

Mathematics lesson in 3 Senior High Bandung is very difficult. And when the teacher teaches, Farhan feel bored and sleepy. Time by time, he doesn’t realize anything.

Math Teacher: Hey, wake up! So do you think this is your bedroom? I am explaining this lesson to you so you can do well when I held a test. Why are you sleeping?
Farhan: I’m sorry, Sir. I was so sleepy. I didn’t get enough sleep last night.
Math Teacher: That’s your problem, not mine. Now, wake up! We’re having a test today.
Farhan: Pardon? A test?
Math Teacher: Indeed.
Farhan was panic. He didn’t study anymore. He hopes that his friends will help him to do a test. Because, everyone know that his friends is very clever.
Farhan: DIsya, would you like to help me?
Disya: Help for?
Farhan: For the test! I wasn’t ready for the test. I didn’t listen when Mr.Ardi teaches. And I didn’t study yet.
Disya: Well, that’s your problem, Farhan. I won’t help you at this case.

And then, Farhan resigned. The last chance in his mind is cheating. He doesn’t want to has a bad score. Its to many bad score, so he doesn’t want it become worse.

Farhan: (looking at Adisya’s workpapper)
Atalla: (saw Farhan cheating)
 Atalla : (stands up) Hey Farhan, what are you doing? Are you cheating? Mr.Ardi, he’s cheating.
Farhan : (panic) No, Sir. I didn’t cheat.
Math Teacher: He’s right. I saw you cheating.

(The Math Teacher tearing Farhan’s workpapper and taking Farhan’s motorcycle key)

Atalla : Farhan! I will report you to concellings teacher because you’re trying tp cheating to Adisya.
Adisya : Yes, I will do it too Farhan!!
Farhan : Oh, I’m sorry because I have been trying to cheating you, Adisya. I did it because I fell asleep last night so, I didn’t studying.

(And then, Atalla and Adisya going to the concellings room and report it to the teacher)

 Atalla : Excuse me, miss. We want to tell you that there was a slick incident in our class today. Farhan was cheating to Adisya when the math test hold.
Adisya : Yes miss, he is true. He should be punished!
Concelling teacher : Ok, I want to talk with him now. Please call him to come here.\

(Farhan is coming)

Concelling teacher : Farhan, are they true that you are cheating?
Farhan : Yes miss. I admit that I’m wrong.
Concelling teacher : To be honest, I feel disappointed to you. Mostly in every subject you’re not passed the minimum score. You’ll be threatened to take a short semester. Because it, I will call your parents to come here, OK?

(In a few moment, Farhan’s parents are coming)

Farhan’s mother: What happen miss until we were called to coming here?
Farhan’s father: Yes, what happen with my son?
Concelling teacher: So, your son is mostly in every lesson should take a short semester and today he was trying to cheat a math exam to his friends. Farhan should changes his bad habit to be diligent.
Farhan’s mother: Oh my god! Ok miss, I will reprove my son.
Farhan: I’m sorry mom, dad. I will study diligently from now. (crying)
Farhan’s father: Yes mom. He is promised. So, don’t be angry with him. (sad)

(And then, their parents go back)
(The bell is ringing. Farhan is going to ther parking lot)

Farhan: Ah, what  a bad day today. By the way, where is my motorcycle? (confused)

(At the moment, Farhan hears his motorcycle sound)

Math Teacher: This is the consequence for you! You will receive a short semester from me, Farhan!

(Mr. Ardi left him lonely and took Farhan’s motorcycle)

Farhan: Oh god, there’s to many problem you give to me today. 

(And then, Farhan decided for walking to go home with a sad face)

When he arrive home…

Farhan: Mom, dad, I’m sorry. My motorcycle was brought by Mr.Ardi because I was cheating this morning.
Farhan’s mother: Oh Farhan, you make this family shy!
Farhan’s father: Stop mom! How pity he is!

(His mom still angry but his dad still trying to calming down)

(After that, Farhan back to his bedroom and brood)

Farhan: Why? What happen today? This is very long day. About the test, short semester, called into Concelling room, i had many enemies, my motorcycle stolen. All of this enough for me. (I can't hold it anymore)

Because Farhan always has bad condition, He want to die. He called his bestfriends but his bestfriends reject his call.

Farhan: (stand up above chair suicided with hang himself) Mom, dad. my teacher, my bestfriends, good bye. See you again in another place..

(the classroom atmosphere very noisy. Mr. Ardi still teach mathematics)

Farhan: (wake up) Oh my god! Where am i? This is the place after died? What happen here? It's seems like my world before
Math Teacher: Hey you wake up now!
Farhan: Yes sure, Sir. I'm sorry.

(OMG, so, it just a dream? I'm still alive? Why the dream feel so real?)

Math Teacher: Ok students, ready for the test?
Students: OMG Mr.Ardi! We're not ready for the test.
Farhan: (stand up) Hey guys! We are should be ready and don't cheating, alright? This test can give us passion for more study hard if we get bad score.
Math Teacher: (smile)

And than the test begin. As the result, Farhan get score 64. This is not good score but he is very happy because he get the score honestly.

Adisya: Wow Farhan! You are amazing! By the way, Who teach you to speak like that?
Farhan: I get all from my dream. My special dream...

(They go away from the scene)


Selasa, 17 November 2015


Hello everyone please enjoy my next post!
Its all about tour to one of an amazing city in Indonesia, please welcome Yogyakarta!

Yesss, when i was in the 8th grade, i had a study tour to Yogyakarta. It hold in four days three nights (but, the time was so short, i just stayed there in two days one nights, so we can conclude that the other days and night, i spent for the trip). I remember that i went to Yogyakarta is on 11th-13th of March 2014. I went there with my school mates, by bus. We needed 8 bus to brought all of us, yah because my school mates in one generation was around 420 peoples.

We gathered at school in 4pm for briefing and praying for the safety trip. After that, we went to our bus. Luckily, all of my classmates is in the same bus, not be splited as the other class was. After we left from our parents, the bus is started to go. In the bus, we sang a song together, exchanged meal each other, took a selfie, watched a horror movies, until all of us fall asleep.

Finally! After had 9 hours bored trip, we arrived at the first place in Yogyakarta. That is Orangutan Restaurant. Our bus was the first. We arrived at 2am in the morning. All of us was in hurried to went to the bathroom for took a bath before the others bus arrived. Next, we had a very earlied breakfast after we had a Subuh prayer. Breakfast when the sky still dark its an awkward moment i thought. Plus, i still sleepy and the food corner was far away. But, at the end, i had a breakfast too.

After that, we continued our trip to Borobudur temples. 
Borobudur temple is a temple which became a pride of Indonesian people because it is ever been included into the 7 wonders of the world. It also becomes the largest Buddhist temple in the world. This temple is located in Borobudur Village, Magelang, Central of Java, Indonesia. It is approximately 100 km from Semarang, 86 km from Surakarta, and 40 km from Jogjakarta. It was found as a place of worship for the Mahayana Buddhist by Sailendra dynasty in 800 AD. It was first discovered by Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles in 1814. At that time, it was found crushed and buried in the ground.
Originally, it has 10 levels which have overall height about 42 meters. However, after the reparation, the height of Borobudur become approximately 34.5 meters with overall building area about 15,129 m2. The front side of Borobudur temple is facing eastwards, although each side of the temple has similar form. There are 3 main levels of the realm in Borobudur. The third level is Kamadhatu (the realm of lust), Rupadhatu (tangible realm), and Arupadhatu (formless realm).
There are so many reliefs on Borobudur’s wall which total is about 1,460 panels. These reliefs tell about ancient stories written In Sanskrit language and read by Mapradakisana way. Mapradakisana is a way to read in accordance with the clockwise direction. The way to read the story is starting from the east side of the gate at every level of the temple. There are so many stories written on Borobudur’s wall. The first story on this relief is Karmawibhangga which written on the foot of this temple. It tells about karma. Karma is the law of cause and effect obtained by humans. This relief depicts human actions both reprehensible and commendable along with what will they have. The next relief is Laitawistara. These reliefs lined in the stairs on the south side of temple. The numbers of this relief are 120 figures which illustrate the story of the Buddha from birth to become a Buddhist. And then last are Jataka and Awadana relief. This relief tells the story about Buddha before he was born.
Besides decorated with reliefs, Borobudur also has so many sculptures which become a symbol of the Buddha embodiment. The statues are sitting cross-legged in the lotus position and show a certain hand gesture. These are located at Rupadhatu level. There are 432 sculptures there which are lined sequentially in every niche of this level. In the first row, there are 104 niches, in the second row there are 104 niches, in third row 88 niches, in the fourth row 72 niches, and fifth rows 64 niches. Beside sculpture, Borobudur temple also has Stupa. There are 72 Stupas at the level of Aruphadatu. Those stupas are spread in the court at this stage. In the first court, there are 32 stupas, in the second court 24 stupas, and 16 stupas on the third court.

Since the discovery of Borobudur temple, there are so many Buddhist statues theft. Originally, the amount of Buddha statues is 504 statues. More than 300 statues have been damaged. Most of the statues of Buddha are headless because often being stolen to be used in a museum collection.
Back to my story, me and my friends went to the top of the temples and took a picture with everyone who was stood near us. Started with the tourist, in other words "bule", until the garbage collector we invited to took a picture together. It was awkward but my classmates is very crazy, so we were happy.

After that, we went to Keraton Yogya or Yogya Palace to explored our knowledge about Yogyakarta polity or government as a preferential area. There, we had known about genealogy of Sultan in Yogyakarta. The Keraton is very huge, we were so tired walking. So, whenever there was a seat, we sat together. We took a picture together too with The Keraton caretaker.

Next, we went to Malioboro street! It was an awaited moment for me. We had a free times for shopping and had a rest in 3 hours at Malioboro. Part of us were bought a souvenirs for their family, but part of us were rode a yogyakarta pedicab around Malioboro which was very unique and cheap.
But, i and a few of my friends just stayed at the bus after walked around because the wheather was very hot that i can't stood it. But, in the bus was more hot because the driver left the bus so it can't turned on the AC, but in the bus is better because i can had relax.

Then, we continued the tour to one of the place for showing a cultural performance like a traditional opera's from Yogyakarta. In this place too, we had a fun games that participate the vice of of all class. Badly, my class was lose at the first round. HAHAHAHA its ok. After watched a show, we went back to the bus and finally went to the hotel where we stayed.

The next day, after had breakfast, we went to the batik factory. As i known, batik yogya is famous in Indonesia. In this factory, we were taught by the craftsman how to drawed a good batik. And we went back to the hotel and prepared to check out and continued a journey.

Then, we went to the last place. It was Prambanan temples. Prambanan temple is the largest and the most beautiful Hindu temple which ever built on the Java island. The temple was built during the Hindu kingdoms in Indonesia in the 10th century. Prambanan temple was built by Rakai Pikatan as a rival to Borobudur and Sewu Temple located not far from Prambanan temple. However, a legend tells that It is a temple built by Bondowoso as a promise to marry Rorojonggrang. However, the construction of this temple was not completed because the ruse of Rorojonggrang. Finally Bondowoso cursed Rorojonggrang become a statue to complete the temple.

As the temple which is very beautiful and gorgeous, the building complex of Prambanan temple located at an altitude of 154 m above sea level and becomes one of the tourist destinations in Jogjakarta. It is located in Prambanan village, District Bokoharjo. It is approximately 17 miles from Jogjakarta. The location is only about 100 m from the highway of Yogya-Solo so that it must be easy to reach.
The Height of Prambanan temple is about 47 meters. It is 5 meters higher than Borobudur. The complex of Prambanan temple shaped rectangular consists of 4 main parts: the outer courtyard, Jaba Yard (outer court), Central Court, and Njeron court (Back Court). 
We did the same activities like in Borobudur temples. Its very fantastic!

After that, we went back to the bus and we had to say goodbye to Yogyakarta, because we should went back to Bandung. It was a very happiest moment with my classmates. But, at night, we had dinner in one of the restaurant which has a stage for performance. So, for the last event, we made a farewell by performance from each class. We had a challenge to sang dangdut song and dance together. WOOOOO everyone is excited, After all of the class perform, we sang a "kemesraan" song together in front of the stage. Fun, but sad.

And, finally we went back to Bandung at 10pm and arrived in 6am in the morning. It was one of the memorial experience that i ever had.